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Back in January of 2015, I was excited and determined to make 2015 the best year yet. You know, that feeling of starting a NEW YEAR. A fresh start. Everything is awesome and amazing. I had long lists of goals and things I wanted to accomplish for the year. I made motivational posters for myself, put them all over our apartment, looked up talented designers (Cocorrina is my favorite) to be inspired for what was to come. Then, life got in the way.  I got caught up with school, eating, cooking, eating some more, and just being a lazy person who accumulated junk all over the house. Fast forward to June 2015…and yeah. Nothing.

When I finally awoke from the school induced coma, Netflix was there to help me feel like life was ah-may-zing again. It became my next obsession. As I would watch, I would sit and wonder why I never had the time for doing things that mattered to me. That’s where summer 2015 came in. Thankfully, this summer has been a time of deep self reflection, travel, and fondue. I’ve forced myself to sit and think, jot down, and draw out what it is I want to accomplish in my life (along with lots of breaks for eating, traveling, and sometimes watching my favorite TV shows). And, I think I’m getting somewhere!

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In a few weeks I’ll be launching my blogging website (eeek!!) that will be filled with DIY’s, travel photos, aaaand anything else that comes up. For the time being I will be posting here. I’m also working on re-branding Saleema Photography at the moment, and I look forward to sharing some new content (aka PHOTOS!). Moving to a new city has been challenging for my business. I’ve had to start from scratch all over again, but I’m loving it!

Please do tell me about your summer! Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.


Oh my goodness, what can I say about this session? I finally got around to posting it. We shot these images back in April and I have been swamped with coursework and finals. This session was such fun and I enjoyed getting to know Isabelle. She brought this simply beautiful tulle dress by Allison Parris.


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This was the first time I had a chance to see Revere Beach! It was pretty awesome to say the least. I also got to meet a person with the same name as me!





Travelling along the east coast has given the opportunity to meet some pretty awesome people. One of the first I had the honour to meet was Cassandra. She works as a model and a researcher in the sciences.

For this session, I wanted to shoot somewhere full of nature for the bohemian look we were going for. The Harvard Arnold Arboretum is 280 acres of beauty in Boston, MA. It’s off the Harvard campus and it is simply stunning as its full of old trees, and colourful flowers.



For the past few months I have been travelling around the eastern coast of the USA! It’s been a year since I graduated from university, and I finally get to travel and see more of the world. This is the first time I see the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean. Most recently I was at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It’s amazingly beautiful there. Here’s just a snippet of sights I got to see. saleemaphotographyblog.travelling-9