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Danai – Boston Public Gardens

The Boston Public Garden is a beautiful location to visit. Especially so during the spring. Several trees blossom, the grass is green, and the swans, ducks, and geese are out and about.

Here are some photos from my session with the lovely Danai from Living Learning Eating.

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Brittany – Harvard Arnold Arboretum

I’m starting to think that I am obsessed with the Arnold Arboretum. I ALWAYS recommend it as a location to shoot to my clients because it’s so beautiful. Getting away from the city and into the park is sooooo refreshing.

Here are some photos from my shoot with the lovely Brittany!


Drumlin Farm – Wildlife Sanctuary

My husband had the great opportunity of heading out with our local community to grab some shots of their trip to Drumlin Farm, which is a wildlife sanctuary in Lincoln, MA. Here are just some of the many photos he took on the trip. Aren’t the lambs and chicks the cutest?


THELUXURYBELLE | Collabs With Creatives

For the past couple of weeks, Shreya (creative over at TheLuxuryBelle) and I have been collaborating featuring different fashion styles. When we first met we clicked right away, and I love, love working with her! She’s a vibrant, cheerful young woman who’s got a seriously good eye for fashion!

You can check out a past lookbook we did together: The Red Coat

This is from our most recent shoot together. The dreamy location we found worked wonderfully for the look. The dress moved so beautifully in the wind! This session was a collab with TheLuxuryBelle + ShopPinkBlush.